Thursday, May 2, 2013

Weekly Learnings

We've been hard at work lately so I thought I'd catch you up on some of the things we've been doing during our school time. The boys are flying through all kinds of math concepts right now. One of which is simple addition. They love taking the dominos and writing number sentences with them.
 Ordering numbers has been another thing they've been working on. James tackled all the numbers 0-100 and ordered them in rows of tens the other day and floored me with his ability to understand how numbers work. This is just one benefit I've seen from using the 100's chart during math time.
 Remi knows how to use the 100's chart for everything. He can easily find numbers on there and is beginning to notice patterns. Skip counting is in his near future.
 Here he is ordering his numbers to 20.
More ordering practice. This time he used strips of paper and number squares and ordered numbers from 16-30. Once a child can master 1-20 it's smooth sailing all the way up to 100.
 We've still been adding to our pond. The boys did figure eight dragonfly wings the other day to glue on to their dragonflies.
 Here's James' adorable duck he made for our pond.  
 How the pond looks today. Don't laugh at my clumps of rocks on the edge. My rocks are bigger than most of our animals. Ha!
 Aren't their ducks adorable? And down at the bottom is Sullivan's frog. Yes, 3 month olds can paint, too!
 This is the timeline that I am so proud of. Every day Terrance reads a Bible story and is going through the Bible in chronological order and then briefly describes what happened on his timeline. He's up to entry number 37 now and is into Jesus' life and teachings. It's been a fabulous way to watch how God has worked through his people all the way from the beginning of time.  I just love how much he's learning and could not be more thankful to have him home with me during the day. He's changing and growing and it's so wonderful to watch.
 Here's the sensory tub that's out right now. I had these construction toys left over from James' party and so I put them in with their beans so they can make construction scenes. Sensory tubs are always a hit, but I love it most when pretend play and new vocabulary can flow out as well.
I haven't been documenting school as well as I used to. Mainly because we are in to more of a curriculum now and it's a little boring to post their daily work, but I've already planned through next week and should have some interesting things to post soon. Happy Learning!

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