Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekly Learnings

Our week has been full of learning and even our littlest guy has gotten involved. We brought out the exersaucer for him this past week and he loves it. This boy is growing too fast!
 I've added handwriting to the boys daily schedule instead of just a couple of times a week. James and Remi are so far ahead academically that most of their work is now asking for them to write answers. Therefore we've got to get these letters mastered and our wipe off boards from Lakeshore are so perfect for that. I have the uppercase and lowercase wipe off books and I'm planning to go get the number book as soon as I'm over that direction.
 Both boys are still doing "Words Their Way" for their spelling curriculum and it's working miracles. Terrance does it, too and I just love the results. Here's Remi pointing to and reading his words out loud.
 After a week or two of practicing his words he gets to glue them down next to their matching picture. This is the last step before he takes his spelling test (which we call spell check). If he can write, read, and build all his words he can move on to a new list. He just finished the "short a" family words.
 Their writing journals (which we now call draftbooks) continue to blow me away, too. This is Remi's story about catching a fish on his camping trip. I write in the words under what he has written. You can see that he does all the beginning sounds and even has some words spelled correctly. I underlined all his words that included all the sounds.
On, he, and big are spelled with all the sounds. Impressive!
 This is James' story about helping Mammy and Papa build a seesaw for our backyard. He also has tons of words spelled correctly and is already putting beginning, middle and end sounds in most every word. CRAZY!!!
 I circled all his words that are spelled correctly: the, and, we, on, legs, then, got, up.

 I loved his illustrations so I included two of his pages on here. This is his picture of him and Mammy and Papa. His people are a bit alien like, but I've long known that art is not his thing.
 Here's his little seesaw with the legs put on. The cute thing is that on every other page the seesaw looks just like this but with added elements. He's starting to really understand that your picture should match your words.
You will never hear me say that I like writing. It is by far the hardest most challenging subject for me to teach. It takes time, patience, and diligence and is not independent work. However, it is the subject that I can see the most growth with all these boys. Terrance has grown leaps and bonds in writing and I also do draftbook with him. I will never by a writing curriculum because I believe whole heartedly in the draftbook. Love it!

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