Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekly Randoms

I've got some super cute pictures from this week and I just love being able to look back over all we've done. One night I took the boys and Terrance's friend, Andrew, to McDonalds to play and eat. Terrance and Andrew spent the majority of the time making swords out of straws and having sword fights. They certainly had everyone in the play area watching. It was hilarious!

 James loves to play with the toys at Target and always puts on every mask. We ended up finding two masks on sale for 50% off that we snuck in the buggy and bought for Terrance's birthday. He may be turning 13 in a month, but he still loves playing dress up and I love a bargain.
 It's that time of year again where the whole neighborhood realizes that I neglect our yard. I've been hard at work pulling weeds, watering, and trying to help things look better, but this big belly doesn't make it easy on me. Thankfully I have helpers.
 Bath time fun!
 These boys happened to be snooping around in Mammy's garden shed and found two pairs of roller skates just perfect for them. They asked to bring them home and have been skating around the house all week. Aren't they adorable?
Hope you've had a great week with your family. 

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