Thursday, June 20, 2013


My neighbor, Daniel, came over last night and transferred all our pictures from our old computer onto our new computer and I decided to travel back in time a bit and see what our lives looked like on this exact day two years ago. Flashbacks are good for a lot of reasons, but they are really hard on the heart. I'm thankful to look back and see my sweet little family and all the moments we've been blessed to have together; however, it's hard to see these little babies who are now so big. One thing is for sure: life was good then and life is good now.
Two years ago today two baby doves hatched on our electric meter and Aiyana got to take a very close look at them.
 Two years ago today, dressed in her cute little dress and adorable curls, Aiyana watched as James and Jeremy washed my van in the driveway. The water table was always nearby because this girl loved water!
 Two years ago today these two little boys spent most of their days in shirts and underwear because we were potty training. Potty training was the hardest most time consuming job I've ever done, but in a very short time these guys were pros.
 This game they were playing brings back so many memories of teaching them their colors and letters. I'd line those bowls up on the fireplace and they'd match the foam letters I gave them with the correct color of bowl. Hours and hours of doing this and they loved it!
 Two years ago today these little cuties enjoyed wrestling Jeremy on the bed in Aiyana's room. Just seeing the little kitchen and the little people brings back a flood of memories of cuddling and reading on this bed.
So thankful for this flashback moment. So thankful for this day I had two years ago and for the day I've been given today. I love this little family and I love Ms. Aiyana and all the joy (and drama) she brought to our home two years ago. 

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