Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weekly Learnings

I haven't been diligent to take pictures of our school time like I normally do, but here are some interesting things from our past week or two. I had a set of "I Can Draw" cards from my old classroom and it shows step by step how to draw certain simple pictures. The boys have loved having these cards readily available and have drawn some really cute pictures lately.

I also made about 5 binders for them to do when they are working alone. This one is by far the favorite. It's the Kumon book of easy mazes and I separated each page and put them in plastic sleeves so the boys can use Visa V markers on them. They've done these every day since I made it. :)

 I love this Number Path game. I just use sticker dots and write random numbers on it for the boys to order from least to greatest and then on the back they do greatest to least. Depending on what numbers they are working on I just write them, stick them randomly on the table, and have them order them on the paper. They think it's fun and I like the challenge.

 Here's Remi's precious story about his baseball team's party. He hasn't gotten to finish it yet, but this is what he wrote the first day. I'm always amazed with their writing.  
 And I couldn't leave Big Boy out. He actually does WAY more school than the littles and I just had to take his picture on this morning. He was doing his science while dressed as a ninja. He cracks me up!

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