Thursday, June 6, 2013

Weekly Randoms

This picture about sums up the week at our house. . . car problem after car problem after car problem. Luckily we have a budding mechanic in our home who loves to work on cars and is actually very good with his hands. My side door has not been staying open and it continually rams me in the hip any time I'm buckling in a child on that side and it just had to end. My boys put their heads together and figured it out. SOOOOOOO thankful! It's the little things that make a girl so happy.
 My neighbor and I had a yard sale and boy did we need to get rid of some stuff. Sheesh! The junk really piles up over time and it can be a huge relief to just sell it all and be done with it.
 We bought James a bike that is 2 inches smaller than the one he normally rides because we feel he is ready to start learning to ride without training wheels. His current bike is a little tall for him and on the shorter bike he just has more confidence. Jeremy unhooked the training wheels and they practiced a bit in the ally one day. I can' t believe he's big enough for all this. Wow!

 My boys love stories. James always begs to be read to and if Terrance hears anyone reading he stops whatever he is doing and joins in. Reading aloud to kids never gets old--to them or to us.
 Adam is getting big. Sometimes I catch glimpses of myself and think, "Dang! What is going on down there!!" This picture captures exactly how I feel. . . huge! I can't even see all of James when he hugs me. I'm afraid by August he will totally disappear.
 Please excuse my son pooping on the toilet behind me. We were at our friend's house and I saw myself in her large mirror and had to take a picture. I literally might pop with this pregnancy. Sheesh!
 James' friend Finley had a birthday party last weekend and it was circus themed. The d├ęcor and games were so adorable and I loved the dress up booth. James adored the clown noses and kept one on almost the whole time.
 Here's the group photo of all the kids with their faces painted and balloons. She had two clowns at her party that were absolutely adorable looking and the kids all loved them-well some were terrified, but most loved them.
 Here we are all dressed up for our family photo. Too cute!
I'm so thankful that summer has officially started. We'll keep homeschooling through the summer, but when our friends want to play we're out of here! Can't wait!

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Laurie said...

oh my gosh this is one of my favorite posts ever. That bathroom photo is HILARIOUS!!! How have you not posted that on FB yet? Oh my gosh. And the carnival photo op is really so adorable. You have got to frame that one for the house!