Thursday, June 27, 2013

Weekly Randoms

I'm actually combining two weeks into this post because there was a lot that happened last week and I want to make sure to have the pictures. We had family come in to town and the boys had a blast playing with Jeremy's family Sun-Wed and then my brother's family Wed-Fri.
Adam's room is starting to look like a real room and I'm so excited for him to be here! My thoughts are consumed with "What will he look like?" "When will he come?" and "How is life going to change with having a baby again?" The anticipation is killing me and I just can't believe I have 7-8 weeks left. Whoo hoo!
 Mimi and James playing on the piano. So cute!
 JoJo and James swimming in the lazy river. James LOVED having his big uncles around!
 James after his last day of swimming lessons. I'm so glad we put him in these this summer. We have a little swimmer now!
 James and Remi playing dress up with Laney. I got these superhero costumes off Craigslist and they have been such a hit. I love finding a good deal! ($2 each!!!)
 All the cousins, plus one random girl we don't know, having fun a the splash park.
 Terrance learned to dive and did the best in his class during his swimming lessons. He loves to swim, but didn't really know how and now he has to confidence to be in the deep pool. Love confidence builders!
 Jeremy's diploma came in the mail and he was quite proud. It's now framed and currently unhung in our bedroom, but we will find a place for that bad-boy.
 For three days Terrance had this "fort" set up in his room. It was the biggest mess I've ever seen, but he lived in there working on it. There were different posts and he had this whole story playing out in his head. I just love it when kids get engrossed in their pretend play.
 Last Saturday Terrance turned 13 and here he and James are trying on some new masks I got him. He may be 13 but he still LOVES playing dress up.
 This picture makes me laugh out loud. Do you see his THRILLED facial expression? Does this look like a guy who is THRILLED to be 13 and THRILLED to have just had a breakfast served in his honor? Well, he is thrilled to be 13 and he was thrilled to have a breakfast served in his honor, but right before I took this picture his dad told him it was time to mow the front lawn and he was NOT THRILLED to have to work on his birthday. Bahahaha! Welcome to the real world, son! (Also welcome to the world of kids. . . one minute they are thrilled with life and the next they hate you for making them work. Hehehehe!)
 My shopping buddy just had to try on these heels at Ross the other day. I said, "Can I take your picture?" and he said, "As long as you don't show Daddy" and the lady next to us busted out laughing.
 James and Remi love Terrance's masks almost as much as he does. Here they are watching a movie the other day. They crack me up.
Hope you had a good week. A few more of these weekly random posts and I'll be posting about Adam. Eeeek! I can't wait!

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