Monday, July 15, 2013

Abilene Camping Trip

This weekend we went camping with Jeremy's family in Abilene. The boys have been looking forward to this trip for a long time and they had a great time. Here's my two travel buddies. . . loads of fun! I'm surprised I didn't get pulled over for the person covered in a blanket sitting in the front seat. I felt like a kidnapper riding next to him.
The campsite was perfect. James loved the hammock. Terrance loved chopping wood and wandering through the wooded area back behind.
 Sitting around the fire consuming loads of marshmellows and sunflower seeds.
 James giving Terrance his turn on the hammock.

 At night they like to play tag at the park and I thought it was pretty amazing the way Mimi kept up with all the boys. She even climbs!

 Jesse used "The Big Strong Ox" Terrance to help him fix the swing.
 Riding out to the bird blind.

 The bird blind is a great little building where you can look out at birds eating and bathing. There were at least 4 different kinds of birds there when we were there and James liked watching them out the window.
 I'm so glad the boys got to go camping this weekend. Even though I'm ready for Adam to be here I'm super glad that the boys have gotten to have a regular summer full of new family traditions and fun times. They loved camping with Mimi and Randad.

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debikay said...

And we LOVED camping with them! Randad is most happy camping and even MORE happy when his grandkids share it with him. Fun to carry on traditions we did with kids to their kids. Mimi may climb, but she can't now nor could she ever CATCH anyone. ; )