Sunday, July 7, 2013

Making Molecules

Since God is the ultimate scientist, it only makes sense to use a creation based science curriculum that highlights His expertise in everything. The boys worked hard making molecules last week and hopefully learned that even the tiniest things in the world (atoms) follow the rules that God has placed on them.
 The idea behind this lesson was that atoms come together to form molecules and molecules have to follow certain rules or else chaos would unfold. The boys made molecules with no rules and some with rules. It was very hard to make unique molecules when rules were applied to how it can be constructed.
 I love teaching them about God's design for everything. Even atoms! Thankfully molecules have rules. Thankfully we have rules. Molecules and humans need rules or things can get out of control. Hmm, makes me think of some touchy political things going on around us. Rules? People don't like rules. But I believe God knows best so I can trust His rules.
 My little scientists were so cute as they sat and showed each other their molecules. The ones below are all the molecules they could make when they had to follow the rule of only using three toothpicks.
 Here's Remi's recording of his favorite "3 toothpicked" molecule.
The Creator thought of everything! So happy to be learning about Him as we study how things around us work. 

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