Friday, July 12, 2013

Weekly Learnings

I just love having all these boys at home to teach and play with. The days flow by so easily and watching them all learn delights my very soul. Terrance is flying through his summer work and is my constant helper with Sullivan. If Sullivan makes a peep that even remotely sounds like he might be sad Terrance will always snatch him up and rescue him. Here they are doing school together earlier this week. So sweet!
 The little boys did a graphing game this week called "Skyline". They rolled a die, built the number rolled into a tower and constructed a city skyline across their grid. Then they took their towers and recreated their skyline with dot paints to record their work. Easy, but fun.

 The boys are still working on their spelling skills out of "Words Their Way". They are so good at reading the words, building their words and ultimately spelling their words. The progress this has helped them make in their draftbooks is amazing.
 Here's Remi searching for circles in a magazine. Their task was to find ways magazines use different shapes to create their pictures, cut them out, and make a circle collage. They loved this and it was interesting to see the differences in their collages. Remi is very abstract so he would find things that were circular like wheels, eye balls, faces, etc. and cut them out. James is extremely literal/concrete so he would only find circles. Very very interesting watching them work. These boys are soooo different in their learning styles and thinking styles.

  Building words
  Terrance is doing amazing on the piano. This boy struggles with every new song and then within a day or two has it mastered and moves on so quickly. I can't wait to see where he will be with this instrument in another year. He's been taking lessons for about 11 months and I'm so impressed with all he's learned. I'm also thankful for his teacher, Billy Cuchens, who is patiently teaching him this art.
 Here's Daddy giving James his spelling test this morning. Time to move on to new words because James mastered all the "short e" list. Love my little learner!

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