Friday, August 9, 2013

Adam Randy Srader

Adam Randy Srader was born at 11:24pm on August 7, 2013. He was 8 pounds 5 ounces and 20 1/4 inches long. His birthday began at 8:00am when my water broke while getting ready to start our Wednesday morning. I was so relieved that he was coming because I was only 38 weeks pregnant and once my water broke I knew I'd be meeting him very soon.
 I did as much laboring as I could at home until about 2:00pm when I thought things were getting pretty serious. My mom came over to care for the boys while Jeremy and I went to the hospital. We figured we'd be holding our baby by 6 or 7 that evening. I had no idea that I would labor ALL DAY and by labor I mean LABOR.
 Adam's labor pain was all in my back and there are not words to describe the pain that is associated with back labor. It was horrible! I only made progress if I was up walking around so Jeremy and I walked all over the hospital.  I bet all the hospital staff was like, "Has that lady not had that baby yet?" At about 9:20pm I began to get ready to push, but unfortunately couldn't until about 11:10. Two hours of denying the urge to push is just plain torture. Once I was allowed to push it took only minutes until I had this boy out and in my arms. I'm smiling in this picture below, but inside I'm dying!!! I'll never let this child forget what all was involved for him to be on this earth. Ha!
 It was an absolute pleasure meeting my little surprise baby. He was bright eyed and alert for the longest time after he arrived. It was exciting to see another blend of Jeremy's and my features on a little human.
 Jeremy was elated to finally have him in his arms. It was really hard for Jeremy to watch me be in pain all day. I'd look over at him and he would just be white as a ghost because he was getting nauseous watching me suffer. I could not be more thankful for him and his boldness. He took up for me countless times that day when the nurse would want to start Pitocin to help "speed things along" or when they would want me to come back to my room to monitor the baby and all I wanted to do was walk and stay standing. He was amazing! I'm so thankful that another little boy gets to grow up under this man.
 The draw back to your baby being born at nearly midnight is that no one gets to see him right away. Although I wasn't too disappointed because after that long day I was ready to get to my room and rest. My mom and Maxey were the first visitors to arrive in the morning and meet Adam. It's completely amazing to me the way the Lord has set into motion the way babies are created. 7 hours before this picture was taken Adam was inside of me. Crazy and Amazing!
 The boys came later that morning and were both quite adoring of this new little guy in our life. Terrance kept wanting to hold him and James kept stroking him and saying, "Oh, he's just so cute!"
 My dad had driven in from Amarillo the night before but once he got to the hospital at around 8pm it was obvious he should just head to our house and see Adam in the morning.
 It did my momma heart good to have all my boys at the hospital. My big boys are just as precious to me as my little boy and seeing them all together was so sweet. I can't wait for Adam to get to know his brothers.
 All my girlfriends and lots of family came to see him and everyone was pretty smitten with this little onesie Wendy had given Adam a few months ago. It made for the perfect photo to send out to everyone to let them know he had arrived.
 Later in the afternoon the boys came back and hung out for a while. Terrance brought his legos and James brought his UNO cards and we all just played in the room together for a bit. Jeremy had been home with them while I was with Adam and everyone was missing Mom.

 While the big boys were there the doctor came to take Adam for his circumcision and when he came back James was so concerned for him. He kept rubbing his head and saying, "Poor little fella. Are you ok?"
 This picture was taken when Adam was exactly one day old. He was up and alert and looking so adorable with his little gloves and perfectly groomed hair. I have enjoyed watching him all day today and am glad that he is here.
I remember back in December thinking, "August will never come!" and it has come and gone and now I have a third son. I'm so thankful for his little life and even though I may have yelled out "Adoption is the only way!" while pushing this child out I'm glad that the Lord has granted me another child. 


debikay said...

So sorry your labor was so hard. I believe Jeremy suffered right along side you. Soooo glad he's here!

debikay said...
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Debbie Black said...

Welcome Adam Randy Srader!!! You are so loved and blessed to have an adoring family. Jeremy and Maile laboring and birthing IS a bitter sweet time. It has strengthened your marriage to endure it together. I'm so proud of you individually and as a family. May God continue to pour His riches blessings over you.

The Rowles said...

Beautiful and wonderful. God is good! Congrats sweet mama!

The Rowles said...

Beautiful and wonderful. God is good! Congrats sweet mama!

Kristy Dixon said...

Your labor sounded awful, but I'm drawn to hearing all the details. Thanks so much for sharing. So did you not have an epidural? I'm due in early February and won't be having an epidural this time and kind of scared. What a handsome little man you have! So happy for you!