Friday, August 30, 2013

Weekly Learnings

I'm so glad the rest of the world is back in school. Not that it really matters, but it makes it easier to homeschool when my kids know everyone else is doing school, too. Many times this summer injustice was felt when we did school and they (the teenager) knew no one else had to do school that day. Now, before you label me a school-a-holic don't feel too sorry for him. If he was ever invited somewhere or if he called a friend and they wanted to play he was not required to do school. He only worked if there was nothing else to do. Poor guy! I know.
Anyway, we hit the ground running this week and I've implemented a new writing assignment that I really like. I bought them both a journal and have labeled it their "Reading Response Journal". The goal is for them to write more and reflect more on what they read. James is working on personal connections and Terrance is working on inferences (though I haven't called it that yet) and proving what he is thinking with his text. Does that make sense? For example, Terrance read a story about a child who plays the violin and during the beginning of the story the reader gets the feeling that he isn't thrilled with practicing his violin, but it never says that exactly. Terrance had to find sentences in his story that allude the fact that the child isn't thrilled with the violin.
James is still reading very basic books independently and so on Monday he thought about what might happen if he went running in the fog (like the character in his book). He said "We might fall" and then drew a picture of himself falling (apparently happily falling based on his facial expression).
 Here's his math journal 
 One to One practice. He rolled two dice, found the domino that matched his dice, then created three matching pictures of his domino. Easy, but good for independent practice.
 On Wednesday he did his reading journal again and this time talked about his favorite thing to do in the bathtub (his story was about two characters playing in the bathtub).
Classical Conversations started for James this week, too and just as I imagined he is thriving with the material. You should hear him recite his memorized facts. I can't wait to watch him master all these things this year. 

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