Saturday, September 28, 2013

Adam's First Trip To Amarillo

We enjoyed taking Adam to Amarillo for the first time last weekend. He finally got to meet his Randad (Jeremy's dad) and see some of his aunts and uncles. I misplaced my camera while we were there so I missed taking pictures of him with his great grandparents. Hopefully we'll get those taken over Thanksgiving.
Here's Adam with G-Dad. We spent the night with him on Sunday night and the big boys loved playing in his hot tub.
 Terrance loved wrestling with Randad and riding four wheelers and go carts.
 James loved hanging out with JoJo who stayed home from school on Monday to play with him.
 Randad's still got it!!!
 Mimi enjoyed holding Adam as much as he would let her and we all enjoyed looking through Jeremy's old baby pictures. He and Adam look very similar.

 It was a super fast trip with lots of people to see. Thankfully we had enough time to see all the family!

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