Thursday, September 12, 2013

Weekly Learnings

Oh how I love our weeks full of learning. I've so enjoyed this week with the boys. Terrance is really doing well with all his work and James is getting smarter and more capable every day.
Here's my table before I started my lesson plans for the week. The big pile is Terrance's stuff, the medium pile is James' stuff and the tiny pile is Jake's stuff (a 2 year old who comes 1-2 times a week to learn in the mornings). Planning takes me forever, but I love to do it. I make a big giant mess and have stuff everywhere but at the end I feel prepared for a busy week of teaching/learning.
The boys are still obsessed with Monopoly. I love that they play this together because the game usually goes on for 2-3 days and each time they play they play for an hour or more. James is learning money skills and number sense and Terrance is learning making change along with other money skills.
James playing his dice game. This week he did the roll two dice and add them up game. He usually chooses this one during free time, but still has 3 others in his tubs.

If I could sum up the "reason why we homeschool" in one picture this would be it. . . 13 year olds, loving on babies, while doing school. Perfect!

The boys' reading journals have been FABULOUS this week. I've read a book to them each morning and they've reflected on it in some way in their reading journals. This book is a sweet sweet book about a little boy who wonders how far his momma will go to show him that she loves him. I just love it. I had the boys write the next page for the book and it was interesting watching them come up with their ideas. Both of my boys lack the ability to express affectionate emotions with their words (much like myself) and so their ideas were. . . umm. . . dull. But they did it and we all got a good laugh out of them.
"If I had a broken train track, would you fix it?"--James

"If my car ran out of gas would you fill it up?"--Terrance
Terrance is knee deep in his learning of multiplication and we had some fun this week making riddles, writing story problems, and organizing things that come in groups. I absolutely LOVE his curriculum "Investigations". It baby steps so perfectly through all new concepts. 
Mammy came over one night and did a "science experiment" with the boys. They made a little lantern with glow sticks, glitter and a container. James still has it by his bed even though it quit glowing many days ago. 
Terrance's thumb got hurt at a youth event and so he's been unable to practice piano so I've been having him do sight reading practice each day. This is an area that is hard for him in piano so I'm glad he's gotten some extra practice. 
Here's James' reading journal about the book, "A Frog Thing". This book and the other ones by the same author are WONDERFUL!!! He had to identify the problem in the story. Terrance wrote about the problem and the solution in his journal.
School has been going great-Praise The Lord-and I'm loving this time with the boys. 

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