Monday, October 21, 2013

New Adam Faces

Adam is changing and growing every day. His little smile is heart warming and mornings are his best time of day. We all swarm around him first thing in the morning because he's super happy and gives out tons of smiles and coos. Unfortunately he is still colicky at night and screams for 3-4 hours starting at 8:00. It's hard on both of us (Adam and I) and I'm so ready for it to be GONE! Supposedly 3 months is the lucky number and we have started probiotics with him so hopefully we are nearing the end of this.
 He loves his little playmat and smiles at himself in the mirror and kicks his little feet to make the piano play. It's very cute!

 He's thrilled that he learned how to hold toys! Can't you tell?
 Eating out with Mammy

Can't believe he's already so big. It's so nice having a baby in the house again. 

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