Monday, October 21, 2013

Solar System Begins

We started our study of the solar system this morning and the boys are having so much fun! I know pretty much nothing about our solar system so this is going to be just as informative for me as it will be for them. That's the beauty of homeschool!
We began by reading this short book and then we created our very own solar system.

 First we traced lots of circular things of different sizes for our planets.
 Then they painted them with water colors. I loved how different their planets turned out.

 Then we went outside and splattered white paint across black paper to make the stars and background of our solar system.

 While everything was drying I had the boys write down the planets in order of closeness to the sun. We have a poster in the playroom that helped them.

 Terrance then picked a planet to research and began his research on Jupiter. We will be heading to the library to get books this evening.
 Next the boys cut their planets out and glued them to their background.
 Here's James' finished solar system. I love it!

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