Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Cold Front

The other day it got pretty cold and all of us were super excited to play outside with coats and jeans on. As I was getting Adam ready to head out James was able to get this out of him. Isn't it adorable!
 Brother kisses make anybody smile.
 James was dressed in jeans, a jacket, and gloves. Terrance was dressed in . . . his swim suit. Crazy nut wanted to play in the water!
 Adam and I snuggled in the chair.

 After this picture he ran in and changed into sweats and a sweat shirt. The funniest thing he said before we went out was, "Hey mom, can I wear socks on the trampoline so my feet don't get cold!" Umm, how'd that work out for ya buddy?
 Later on we went to the park and this guy got all bundled up. Ha! He looks like he can't move.
I am so excited that fall is here. Loving this cool weather and boys in jeans. There's just something adorable about a boy in a pair of jeans. 

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