Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Weekly Learnings

Homeschooling these peeps is the highlight of my life. Though at times I want to run screaming to the hills, for the most part I just adore our mornings of doing school. Terrance does school ALL OVER THE HOUSE! By the time he finishes up his stuff every room has stuff all over it.
 He's a rover. He'll read over here, then work over there, then lay over there, then sit over there. He moves all over the place (which is one benefit to him being homeschooled. . . he doesn't have to sit still).
 Here's James making his spider. He's in charge of decorating our school room for fall and started off by making this creepy little thing.

 This is a cute little game I found on Pinterest where James has to order the numbers by tens all the way to 200.
 Here he is working on his Water Cycle poster. The child is terrible at coloring, but doesn't mind doing it. Art is not his strength.
 Cutting practice. This little cutting book was at Mardel for $3 and it gradually gets harder and harder. I like it! He typically does one page a day.
Terrance had a science experiment to do this week that tested acids and bases. He loves doing these experiments and this one didn't disappoint. We mixed different liquids with red cabbage juice (an indicator) to see if there was a reaction. Acids turn the cabbage juice pink and bases turn it purple or green or blue. Neutral liquids make no change.
  You can kind of see in this picture how the cups had different colored liquids inside. This was after adding the cabbage juice.
 Terrance is still doing really well with the piano.  
 James has been dabbling in learning about nouns and we made this chart to sort some different nouns that we thought of.
 Draft Book, Draft Book, How I LOVE THEE! This is a copy of Terrance's latest draft book story. He's actually writing out his testimony which I think is pretty cool. I haven't found another resource that benefits a writer more than their draft book. His spelling has improved, his ability to put thoughts down on paper has improved, his grammar and proofreading has improved. Everything has drastically changed since we started his draft book last March. I could go on and on about his writing, but unless you believe in the draft book my information will bore you. However if you have a struggling writer or are unsure of a writing resource I'd love to talk to you about the draft book. It's pure greatness.
Thankful to be these kids teacher. Hope you have a great week of learning at your house/classroom, too. 

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