Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekly Learnings

Our school days have been looking a little different lately and I'm loving the changes. I've started including Terrance in our Classical Conversations learning and the skip counting practice is sure to help him with his multiplication. Each day both boys have had a different number to practice and today they did 8's. I copied the 8 family onto bottle tops and put them in a bag for the boys to order. Then I take some away and have them tell me what's missing. The song for the 8's family is sung to the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It".
 James has gotten really good and telling the Lord what he is thankful for, but seldom do we pray for specific people when we pray with him. I did this little craft with him today and he has hung it by his bed. This will give us reminders of people we care about and want to pray for. These 10 people made the cut. Sorry if your name isn't on here. I'm just glad he added me to his list of ten people to pray for.
 James has been into collecting leaves and has a big bowl on our kitchen table full of his fall collections. We selected some leaves today and made our family portrait with them. So adorable!
 We've started a chart in our playroom where we sort different types of consumers. Jeremy and I have been reading animal books to the boys all week and as they hear information about an animal and what it eats they get to add it to the chart as a herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore. This has been great for reading comprehension because the author doesn't come out and say, "The humpback whale is a carnivore". The boys are having to use the information that is given to make decisions on where to put each animal on the chart. I've also been making Terrance read on his own and write down the information he finds in his reading journal.
The changes we've made in our school day have been wonderful. We're doing more charting, more researching, and more thoughtful work. I'm thankful for the change and I can already see that the boys are learning more and enjoying themselves more. 

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