Friday, November 1, 2013

Tot School

I learned a long time ago that 2 year olds are my absolute favorite age for teaching. They are little sponges just waiting to be filled up with new knowledge and experiences. It's been an honor (and a workout) for me to get to do preschool twice a week for a few hours with two of my favorite two year olds. (These are young two year olds. They just turned two this summer).
This week I started having them write and I kid you not they've already made progress. SPONGES!!! Both times I had them select an animal out of our animal tub and then draw it on their paper. Then they would tell me things about their animal and I would write it down in complete sentences. Then we would tell stories about the animal. Soooo fun and sooooo easy!
Here's Jake writing about his T-Rex Dinosaur.
 The first day they drew their pictures so quickly I didn't have time to ask them what each part of the picture was, but today I stopped them periodically and asked about their drawing and labeled what they said. To the naked eye it looks like scribbling, but to a two year old it has meaning. ADORABLE!
 Gabriel chose to write about a hippopotamus.
 Their writing melts my heart into a giant puddle and I just love watching them work.
 We also do some sort of a fine motor skill practice while they are here, too. Pinching and dumping and scooping and pouring is all so good for their developing hand-eye coordination and future penmanship skills.

 We've practiced shapes and colors and letters and so much more. (stamping our tree with a circular cup)
 Look at the circles he drew! He's so proud.
 Every time we play in a sensory tub. This is always a fan favorite!
 A week or so ago we painted pumpkins with scented paint and enjoyed smelling them all morning.

 One of my favorite things we've done is stamp with leaf stamps all over a large piece of paper. Gabriel did green and Jake did brown. Then we went on a leaf hunt and gathered all kinds of leaves from our street. When we came back we sorted the leaves by color. We put all the green leaves on Gabriel's paper and all the brown leaves on Jake's. Very fun!

Two year olds are capable of so much and will blow you away at the rate in which they can learn. These boys memorize books, poems, and chants. They write, know some letters, know their colors and can sort them, relate well with each other and can already carry on conversations and build relationships. They are amazing! 

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