Sunday, December 8, 2013

Adam Update-4 months

I lost of month of blogging but am recommitted and desperately needing to update about my littlest man, Adam. He's now four months old and so adorable I just can't stand it.
Jeremy took this picture of us the other day napping in my bed. He wasn't feeling well, because of getting his four month shots, and sleeping next to momma on daddy's pillow is just what the doctor ordered.
 This picture was actually taken about a month ago, but is too cute not to share. James was getting in some bedtime snuggles.
 He sit sin his Bumbo now and loves it. He loves to sit up so this chair is perfect for him.
 Love this picture that I snagged before we went to the Galleria one night. Aren't they all so handsome!
 Here he is with his Mammy
 This was taken before he had his haircut, but I just love his little smirk.

 Talking with the biggest brother.
Adam's colic is all gone and he's been doing so great. He's becoming more and more predictable and that is helping me so much. I can't believe the time is flying by so fast but we are officially out of the newborn stage and into being Mr. Curious!

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