Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Terrance's Siblings

 Terrance has two precious siblings that live out of town and Jeremy and him were able to go visit them a few weeks ago. He hadn't seen either of them in over 2 years and he was so happy to see them and see that they were doing well. We took them some gifts and they actually gave Terrance some new Legos.
His brother and sister are older than him and live in a wonderful foster home. Their foster mother loves them so much and is highly qualified to take care of their special needs. Both of the siblings are thriving and healthy and we just couldn't be more thankful that such a foster mom exists. 
I can't imagine how many times Terrance has thought about them during their 2+ years of separation, but I'm so happy that he can know now how loved they are. I wish we were closer to them, but I'm thankful we got to visit. Please keep them in your prayers. They are precious, precious, little people. 

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