Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Adam 4-5 months

Adam has officially turned 5 months old and is getting so big. His friendly little face offers smiles to everyone he meets. We love watching him learn how to make new faces. Just today he started making a silly face where he scrunches up his lips and smiles at the same time. I will hopefully capture that on camera soon because it's too cute!
Here he is at four months just before his 3rd haircut.
And here he is after. All spiky and adorable :)
He has started joining us at the table for our meals and loves to sit in his highchair and chew on his sippy cup or bite his teether toys. He's always so happy to participate in things.
Growling and laughing with dad.
   Here he is in his little Christmas outfit. He looks so long in this picture. He's a big baby that's for sure!
 Speaking of big. . . have you seen these rolls? This baby is plump and healthy!
We are certainly enjoying our little social butterfly. He loves his brothers, loves to be tickled under his armpits, and loves to read books. 

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