Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas 2013

My boys and I were spoiled rotten over Christmas and we had a great time with all the family and friends we got to celebrate with.
I unfortunately have no pictures from Jeremy's family's house. I apparently took video and no photos so please excuse the absence of all the Sraders in my blog post. Terrance was given a bow and arrow from his Mimi and Randad and he loves it so much.
 Cousins :)
 Foster with his new gun from G-Dad
 Adam in his adorable Christmas outfit from my dad's girlfriend, Glenda.  
 Santa Terrance
 Daddy planned a great night of giving thanks and sharing compliments. I loved the new tradition and the boys were so sweet while they reflected back on their year. Here they are before the evening began. This picture is perfect because these are the two sons I gained in 2013. The thankful ceremony certainly had these two at the top of the list!
 Christmas Eve pajama party with Mammy and Papa.

 When the boys woke up on Christmas morning they had some surprises set out for them to see. Here was James' couch.
 Adam's pile
 The gift pile. The boys all bought gifts for us and each other and were able to pass them out individually. It was so meaningful to them.
 Terrance's couch
 Looking at his new batcave. Mimi and Randad gave him the big tall batcave and we gave him the smaller one. Together they create a batman fortress in his room. He's one happy little boy.
 Of course most of the boy's gifts were dress up things. They live in dress up clothes.

 Terrance's big surprise was a Wii and a Wii Fit. He has loved having something "electronically" cool in the house. We're pretty "electronically" behind.
 Mammy and Papa got all the grandboys Ninja Turtle outfits. They were so adorable dressed in their matching costumes and running around the house. James wore his for three days straight I think.
 My batman lover begged Mammy for a batman shirt and she found a super cool one that glows in the dark.
 Terrance smashing Foster with his new toboggan on.

 Shooting each other with silly string. By far one of the most favorite things they did while the cousins were here to visit.
We had a very merry Christmas and are so thankful for all the people that love us and our boys. 

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