Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tot School

Now that the Christmas break is over, I'm so happy to have my little toddlers back for Tot School. They are some busy little people that keep us all on our toes and they are extremely fun to educate.
I've been setting up the table with 4-5 trays each morning for when they arrive. They spend at least 30-45 minutes with the activities and absolutely love them.
From tweezing foam cubes and sorting them by color,
 to filling sponges with water and squeezing them out. All the activities are geared towards helping fine and gross motor skills.

 Here they are working and concentrating.
 Sorting buttons by color
 Squeezing the sponge dry
 Threading apple jacks onto coffee straws. . . and eating them once they get to the top :)
These little people are so much fun to teach. 

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