Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I continued for the second week in a row writing in front of James before he went to write in his draftbook. I love the results I saw and he was encouraged to try some new things after watching me write. We went through the whole writing process this week and even published our books this morning. The beauty of making it through the whole process is that he can see that his writing is meaningful. We don't just "do" writing each day. We write for a purpose: to record our memories, to entertain others, to teach people things they didn't know, to share our thoughts, etc.
This was my story this week. I chose to write about Adam. In my plan I simply drew a picture of Adam and my first attempt didn't pass inspection. James thought my first drawing of Adam actually looked like Dad so I redid it showing his spikey hair, chubby cheeks, and sweet smile. It took me four days to write this story and I dated each day and again used a different color for each day to show how much I wrote each day.
The beauty of my writing is that I got to talk through the writing process for James while I wrote. By process I mean, beginning of the story, middle of the story, closing sentence/ending of the story. We worked on spelling words together, proofreading, using periods, using quotation marks, etc. He used my draftbook as a reference when he was writing. Sometimes he looked at my writing to help him spell a word. He used it to create his quotation marks. We looked at my work when we talked about spacing his words. It was used a lot to help him.  
James chose to write about what he and Remi like to do when Remi comes over. In his plan he drew both he and Remi and their doggies that they play with at our house. His story says, "Remi is my friend. When he comes over we play doggies in my room. We throw our doggies on the bed."
 "Then we check in the crack. When we find them we say, "There they are". I love having a friend." 
 On the last day we published our books and illustrated them.
Then we put them in our "Published Books" basket for independent reading. When James does his "Read to Self" time he can choose these books to read. The beauty of published books is that James already knows the stories and can read them to himself. He has also heard me tell my story over and over while I was writing and so he can read it like I told it. It's a great tool for teaching "good reading" skills.
Here he is earlier today when he chose to read my book.

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