Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Farm Unit

After a conversation I had with my inspiring friend, Wendy, I decided to start a farm unit with my toddler boys and include James and Remi in it as well. I'm putting an emphasis on plants and where our food comes from with the older kids and simply enjoying all that the farm has to offer with the littles. Today the toddlers made a farm scene with some stickers I had. We talked about where the animals would live, what they would eat, and how the farmer would take care of them.
We read several books about seeds and growing beans and then we planted a lima bean to watch and record about for the next week or so. The toddlers told me the steps to planting our seed and I recorded what they said. Then I drew a cup on each part and they colored in the steps. We taped a lima bean on to the 2nd and 3rd step. I'm hoping they will retell the steps to me when they come back on Friday. Since they did all the work in planting their seed I'm pretty sure they will remember all the details.
  2 year olds can do science, too!
 Here's our window all set up in the playroom. Their potted lima beans are on the windowsill and up above we planted a lima bean on a wet paper towel so they can watch the life cycle of the bean. By Friday, when they return, the little plant will have changed a lot and I know they will be excited.  
 The 4 year olds did their own writing and drawing.

I'm so excited to be able to run with this theme. I have my whole "FARM" tub out in the garage of all the stuff I did with James, Remi, and Nana when they were nearly 2 years old so it's been fun digging through that stuff all day making my plans for the next few weeks. 

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