Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tot School

The little guys were hard at work this week. I set out several things for them to do when they arrived and they ended up working at the table for over an hour. They love their table activities and it's a great way to get them use to focusing on one task at a time and sticking with it. The pegboard is always a hit. J stacked them by color, put them in rows by color, counted each color, put them in towers by every other color (patterning) and so much more. I overheard him at one point putting each bead in back into the box and counting on his own. He said, "one, two, three, forty, forty nine, one hundred!" Bahaha! So cute.
 On the other side of the table, G was pounding, rolling, smashing and ripping playdoh. He practiced using the scissors to cut thin playdoh worms I had made and loved most of all putting it in the cup, smashing it down, and digging it back out. I just love playdoh.
 I had a bin full of different kinds of lids that they practiced opening and closing. This is hard, hard, hard for little fingers to do and so lots of practice can help them learn how to open their own water bottles, and other independent skills we want them to know. It's also a great problem solving activity because when you try the same thing over and over and over and it doesn't work you either get frustrated and quit or you try something else. I'm there to encourage them to try something else ;)
 This little guy was IN TO THE CUTTING! He cut playdoh worms for 20 minutes. I will definitely be doing this with him again soon.
 I also started having them do some pre-writing practice. I have a binder with pre-writing activity pages inside page protectors so they can practice their writing skills over and over.
 We also made lots of patterns with unifix cubes. I started by having them choose two of their favorite colors and we lined them up alternating between the colors. Then we snapped them together to make our pattern trains.
 G loved his pattern train and never took it apart when it was time to clean up. He was quite proud of it.
 Here they are all working together. James even joined in because patterning is fun for everyone. In the end they just made long trains and compared whose train was the longest. The snapping of the unifix cubes is great for fine-motor skills, too.
I love these little learners and love watching them enjoy learning. 

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