Sunday, May 18, 2014

If I Were A Clown. . .

I have a little book that presents different prompts for kids to write about and although I do believe that the majority of writing topics should be chosen by the child, there is a time and place for prompts. This one was too cute and the boys did so much with it. It really became more of a verbal and reading task than writing, but it originally started as a writing task.
First we made a chart of "Things We Know About Clowns"
 Then I gave them the actual prompt paper that asked them to pretend they were a clown and design their own costume.
 Then we looked through our brochure from the circus that Terrance and Mammy had just attended and talked about the clowns and their costumes. Then the boys did their writing.

Unfortunately, most of James' experiences with clowns have been villains, like Joker, so his clown would spray laughing gas. Ha!

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