Saturday, May 24, 2014

Measuring, Graphing, and Building

I have three easy math games that you could easily do right now that your kids would totally enjoy. First, grab a bowl, scoop out a large amount of multicolored unifix cubes, and graph the results of what you scooped. My boys sorted them by color, built them into towers, and then graphed their results. Once graphed you can discuss which was the biggest, which color had the most, which color had the least, how many more red ones than yellow ones, etc. Easy right?!

 Second, pass out a stack of popsicle sticks and go to town building 3, 4, and 5 sided shapes. Choose your favorites and glue them together. Then using stickers, mark the angles on the shapes and help your child realize that where two sides come together there will be an angle. We practiced making our angles obtuse, acute, and right. New vocabulary words can be worked it all over the place with this game: angle, side, edge, etc.
 The last game you can play is a measuring game. I gave the boys a hair comb and had them trace it at the bottom of their page. Then they went around the house finding things that were longer and shorter than the comb and recorded their answers. Again, so easy! And again, great for vocabulary.

Math is the best time of day for us at our house. Open ended games provide endless opportunities for learning and talking. Our summer plan is to do LOTS of math and LOTS of reading. Hope you enjoy your week of learning. 

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