Friday, May 2, 2014

Mud Play Adventure #1

The kids had a blast in our new mud area today. I purchased two bags of top soil and one bag of sand and it was the perfect amount for our little kiddie pool (we only used half the bag of sand). We then added about a gallon of water,  cooking utensils, and a set of metal baking pans ($5.00 for the whole set at Wal-Mart) and our starter kitchen was ready for play.
Here's how it began. Pretty much each boy chose a spoon and a pan and began baking a cake.
 Their cakes were SO DIFFERENT! I loved it. Terrance's was huge and mounded like a cupcake. Jake's was flat and precise. James' was full of collectibles from the yard and soggy from added water and Gabriel's was covered in "candles".

 Then they all worked together and built a huge cake and added large boards from the woodpile.

 Love the muddy toes :)
 These little toes were apprehensive at first, but soon jumped right in (with some help from brave big boy Terrance).

 Terrance buried everyone's feet in the mud and facilitated getting everyone REALLY messy.

I missed the last 15 minutes or so because I was inside feeding Adam. Sadly, Jeremy didn't photograph their faces when it was over. They were so muddy and happy. At the end of it all we stripped everyone down and bathed them all. Ha! It was the best morning. I highly recommend adding a mud area to your outdoor play space. So fun!

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