Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Our Adorable Play Tubs

After seeing an adorable idea on Pinterest for outdoor play gardens, I knew the boys and I needed to create some of our own. We ended up going with gardens that could stay inside because we didn't have enough supplies that were durable for the outdoors, but honestly these are just as great because we can see them more indoors and change them out every few weeks. We will definitely keep this up this summer. It was such a fun time making these this afternoon.
What we did first was we scurried around the house looking for items that might work in a themed tub. Then we put all our things together and each decided on a theme. Then we filled in the gaps with items from the Dollar Tree.
James decided to make a pond and it turned out so cute! He filled his pond with blue crinkle paper, sticks, and blue glass rocks. Then he added chick peas and sand in the middle for a little island. You can see he used a chips and salsa bowl for his tub and it worked great!
The moss covered rocks were in a pack of 6 at Dollar Tree and they are sooo cute. I also love how he put sticks in the water and piles of rocks (lima beans). He first scattered the rocks all over the water and I encouraged him to make piles, but other than that he did it almost all on his own.
 I chose a farm theme, only because we didn't have anything girly around the house. I really wanted to do something like a fairy garden, but [sigh] this house is not the place to find girly trinkets. Dollar Tree had these yarn-like Hawaiian skirts and I bought that for my grass. I just chopped it up and it turned out so cute. The rest of the items we had on hand.

 Here's Terrance posing with the finished products. We put them on our sofa table to display them for a few weeks. James has played with them all afternoon.  
 Terrance chose a construction theme and loved getting to use his favorite cars in his tub. I love his brown crinkle paper for dirt and his dump trucks full of big boulders.

This was loads of fun. We already have our themes picked out for next time, too. I think we'll try to change these up every few weeks. I think all in all we spent $4 or $5 at Dollar Tree so this was a cheap way to have some fun. 

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