Saturday, May 24, 2014

Summer Reading Challenge

I presented the boys with a summer reading challenge and it has already been a huge hit. The basis of the challenge: read more! Each boy has a chart that will get stickers added to it when a book is completed. When the entire chart is full they get paid!
These are Terrance's charts. Once he reads 25 chapter books he will make $25. Once is listens to 10 audio books he will get a treat, most likely he will choose Bahama Bucks.
 These are James' charts. Once he reads 10 books (of my choosing) he will make $3. Once he listens to 25 chapter books he will earn a treat. Most likely he will choose something to do with Lego.
 The moment I hung up the charts the boys took off to begin the challenge. Terrance read for 2 hours the first night and 4 hours the second night. . . I believe my goal of "reading more" has already been accomplished. If Terrance reads 50 books this summer (chapter books) he will earn a big prize! I haven't told him what it is, but I have told him it will be worth it.
 It took James about 4 days to fill in his first chart and he got paid. Way to go!

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