Friday, May 2, 2014

Water Play

Our backyard is starting to really take shape. I just love having out all the water toys and watching the kids go wild back there. My boys could live back there as long as food was delivered every few hours.
Once we busted out the water tables it was a matter of moments before a water fight broke out. Dollar Tree has the perfect water guns and we stock up on many every year.
 This was our water experiment. We positioned the bottles to all pour in to each other and dump into the bucket below. I saw this at my friend, Elisa's, house and the boys have loved it today.
 Of course the water table was quickly filled with matchbox cars, too.
 Ready for battle!
 Doing his "baby" thing!
 I love how freeing the backyard is. Remi filled a bucket with water over and over again and my boys ran around spraying each other with water guns. To each his own! I love it!
 My pale little problem solver figured out how to still enjoy his playtime even once his soaking wet clothes got too cold to wear. . . he just played naked. Sheesh!
 He made his arm a ramp for the water.
 Rolling around with the massive sensory bottle we made for him.
 This was our backyard scavenger hunt. We found a lot of things, but not all of them. We'll have to keep looking. The fan favorite was when Remi found the feather in the bushes. Way to go!
 I just love seeing all the toys out and being loved. Our sandbox was piled with trucks. Busy boys!

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