Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mimi, Randad and THE UNCLES!!!

We have visitors this week and are loving every second of it. The boys are in uncle heaven and throw in the fact that uncles travel with Mimi and Randad and you have the perfect start to our week. James and JoJo have always had a unique bond and Terrance is blessed to have an uncle that is almost exactly the same age as him. Both boys have had endless playing!

 Mimi and Adam have enjoyed each other and certainly enjoyed their time at the park.
 It always amazes me that Jesse was one of the first babies I ever had contact with and Terrance was being born soon after he arrived. Who knew?

Randad is always kind enough to do house jobs for us when he's here and this project just makes my little stay at home momma heart so happy. We finally have a glass door. Now I can leave the big heavy door open all day and not feel like I'm in a cave! And soon-to-be toddler Adam can smear his little sweaty sticky hands all over it when he stands to stare at the neighborhood. I can't wait!
 Playing Sorry. When I saw Joseph and Jeremy both laying like this with their same body shape (not size, Joseph is huge!) and same hair swirl in the back I just couldn't help but snap a brother shot.
So happy to have family here. We love them so much!!

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