Friday, July 11, 2014

Adam's Learning

Adam's learning has been happening since day one of his little life, but I've begun being a little more intentional here lately. I actually make a plan at the beginning of the week, set goals, and check off what got done. It helps keep me focused and in all honesty it helps me actually work with him. Being #3 can sometimes mean momma forgets to be intentional with you.
I've started working with him on his animals and animal sounds. We've been reading lots of animal books, pointing out animals we see on our walks and out in public, and today we played intentionally with our plastic animals. We walked them around, made noises like them, talked about their features, and of course, licked their faces ;)

 Since this little lump still isn't crawling, I also lined them up and encouraged him to come and get them.
 Of course the farther he scooted backwards the closer I had to move the animals. Ha!
 In the end we settled for reaching for them and again, licking their faces.
 I've also decided to focus heavily on one song/poem with him every week. He adores "You are my sunshine" and so we started with that.
 He painted it and then I added the song lyrics and we hung it by his changing table. This will help me remember to sing it to him each time I change his diaper.
It may sound pathetic that I have to be intentional, but if I'm not intentional then days go by and we don't learn new things. Me and planning make a very good team. 

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