Thursday, August 7, 2014

Adam Randy Turns 1

Our Adam is one year old today. Although he hasn't had the easiest or most comfortable first year of life, he is happy and healthy now and adored by all of us.
Seeing Adam for the first time was so special. I had worked so hard to deliver him and he was instantly worth it.
His sweet little face stole my heart and swelled my mommy heart in order to love a third son. He was perfect: dark haired, chubby, and perfectly featured.
From the beginning he suffered from stomach pain. Sadly, it took me almost 3 months to figure out what was going on. He had a dairy allergy and it was bad!
His big brother James adored him from the get-go.
This was my favorite picture of him for the longest time. I loved the long hair and chubby cheeks.
I think this was the longest we ever let him hair get. It was so pretty and dark like his daddy's. This was actually taken right before his first real hair cut. His little pouty face proves that he didn't feel good. He never felt good. Poor baby!
 Adam was born into a busy, loud, action filled house. He fits in perfectly. He is busy, loud, and filled with action. He adores being on the go. Loves to ride bikes, ride in the stroller, go in the car, shop at the grocery store, wrestle, yell, and throw balls.
These are his favorite people!
 And family has swooped in and loved him well, too.
 He's our "baby boy"!
 Our "Chummy Chum"
 We're so glad he's here and so glad he's ONE!
  We love you, Adam.
 You are my singing, snuggling, ball rolling son.
You are special and unique and full of life.
  He loves balls and loves to sing. He knows Twinkle Twinkle, Jesus Loves Me, You Are My Sunshine, Wheels on the Bus, and Blue Skies and Rainbows. He sings along with all of them!
We love our little guy and are so happy to have spent the last year with him.

 Happy Birthday, Adam!!

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