Thursday, August 21, 2014

Learning Songs and Nursery Rhymes

 For the past month or two I've been focused on teaching Adam different songs. The best way for me to remember and keep track is to have him make art work for each song and then I post it in different places: door to his bedroom, bathroom mirror, etc. Once the song is learned, I hang it by his diaper changing table and we review all the songs as we change his diaper. It's been great!
 This is the art we made today. He already knows this song, but I wanted him to have a picture to point to as we sing it. When we practice the songs in his room, he points to the picture and then I sing the song. If he points to the heart and I don't sing "Jesus Loves Me" he fusses at me. He knows exactly what song he wants me to sing.
The visual is a great reminder to us both. I highly recommend leaving visuals out for yourself. Without the visual I might just change his diaper. With the visual I change his diaper while singing. Works like a charm!

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