Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I brought out some beginner puzzles for Adam last week and they have been wonderful conversation pieces for us. Here is the first puzzle I gave him.
First he just explored and learned how to remove the pieces. We spent time talking about the shapes and the pictures underneath.
 We practiced putting pieces in
 and taking them out again.
 As he tasted and explored I just labeled everything I could. We talked about their sides, their colors, their features.  
 We tried rolling them, banging them, and throwing them.
 It's always amazing to me how much babies listen. He listened to everything I said and has adored this puzzle all week long.
Just wanted to encourage all the mommies of babies that even the simpliest of toys can become objects for learning. Language is furthered through play with an adult or older child. Talk and talk and talk some more. They are listening. 

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