Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Weekly Randoms

My camera is so full of pictures of Adam and very little of the other two boys this week, but he's just so cute and changing every day so I have to capture it ALL! Our week has been too good and I'm so thankful to get to spend my days with these people. Blessed mommy!!!
Terrance is still doing piano and is getting better and better every day. I love to watch him play.
 To say that he adores the cars at the mall is saying it lightly!
 This is his and Jeremy's game. Before our morning walk, Adam and Jeremy play stroller ball in the driveway. Adam holds the ball and Jeremy begs for it then finally Adam will release it and they both think it's the best game EVER!
 He loves sliding and James loves that he needs a helper
 He screams and shouts in the back seat. He's not mad, he's actually quite happy, but oh it's loud!
 In case you were wondering if my big boys still played dress up I had to take this. Yes, they play. . . pretty much every day!
 This is another game we play every day. If not me, then dad. If not dad, then we recruit Mammy!
 My biking baby! He does wear a helmet so don't panic. This was their first bike trip and Jeremy just wanted to make sure his neck was strong enough to handle it. He loves it!
 More mall cars. I've never been to the mall this much in my entire life.
 Every morning James wants to hold Adam. It's so cute!
 Reading his card from Mimi and Randad. It came in the mail during his lunch so he stopped to read it.

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