Friday, August 22, 2014

Weekly Randoms

I always love the random shots I get during the week. They are by far my favorites!
Here are the boys all cozy in Adam's tent. I'm thankful every day that my boys love playing together.
 My biggest boy studying God's word. His new glasses give him a super manly look and I can't believe how big he is.
 Someone discovered they really love peas this week.
 My view as we rode to the park on Wednesday. Love biking with my boys!
 We go to a local mall once a week to play at their play area. We go VERY early in the morning and no one is there. It's awesome! Terrance decided to climb this huge monster they have and he actually made it to the top. I snapped his picture before Mall Security could arrive. ha!
 My littlest explorer
 Our cousins came in to town and we enjoyed a fun trip to LEGOLAND. Mammy and Aunt Dawn came, too.
 Building their Lego racecar
 Waiting for a ride
 This was taken almost 2 weeks ago, but my biggest boys are in process of taking down our tree so we can expand our driveway. We are soon to be adding a new driver to our family and will need more space! They try to hack off more and more of the tree each Friday.

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