Sunday, September 14, 2014

Learning with Adam

Adam is loving all the activities I throw at him. We've experimented with many things this week and I have found out a few things about him: his fine motor skills are awesome, his gross motor skills need help, and he LOVES to try to new things.
The other day I gave him a piece of paper and handed him random stickers. It was so fun watching him figure out how to get them on the paper and explore the little sticky things. He wasn't sure if he liked the sticky texture or not.
 After cruising around on PINTEREST last night, I found this little game that I knew he would love. He loves putting things into other things. He carries a cup around all day and puts things into it. I cut a hole in a milk carton and gave him 5 colored popsicle sticks. He immediately knew what to do. So cute!
 Great for fine motor!
 Of course we try to stimulate him daily with sensory activities. He's always loved water so the water table has been a huge hit.
 No one can practice piano around here without him getting in on it. He loves the piano and always plays it so sweetly. No banging. No hitting. Just soft playing.
 This is his favorite book. We read it as often as we can and he adores it. His favorite page is the peek-a-boo page. If you don't have this book then GET IT!
 This was my latest attempt at helping his gross motor skills. It worked like a charm. He begs to go outside and jump on the trampoline. Of course jumping for him is bouncing on his knees, but it's so good for his leg muscles and balance.
The days ahead are going to be so much fun. This is the age I ADORE! Little learner just waiting to be stimulated. 

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