Sunday, September 14, 2014

Read to Self at the Library

At least once a week we choose to do our "Read to Self" time at the public library. This is a highlight in the boys week. They love to go to the library and that alone delights my little heart. They spent the first 10-15 minutes picking out new books and then they do their 30 minutes of independent reading camped out somewhere comfortable.

 Adam explores the toys and puzzles and I try my best to read as many board books to him as possible. Sitting and reading don't really interest Adam, but every now and then he'll get excited about a book. I've surrendered the "come sit in my lap" wish. Now I just read while he plays. He hears. I hope.
 I thought James looked so cute with his long legs crossed ;)

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debikay said...

While Jeremy loved to sit with me to read, Jared never did. /= I know how that feels.