Saturday, October 4, 2014

Baby Sensory Tub--SO FUN!

Want to thrill your child and give him hours of fun? Throw some dried noodles in a bowl and give them to him. Seriously. It's that easy .
Adam played with noodles for the first time in these pictures and he's been adoring this activity ever since. So much exploring happened during this time.

 People pay BIG MONEY for toys that assist their children in sensory play, fine motor skills, and dumping practice. What isn't understood is that sensory play can happen very organically and cheaply with materials you already have. Open your pantry and you'll find many options. When these noodles become old news I will cook them and he'll have a whole new sensory experience.

 This was the most fun he's had (with a toy) in a long time.
Now I will say that sensory tubs should be given with rules. Adam's rules were: don't eat them, don't carry them into other rooms, and don't stick them in your ears or eyes. Everything else was permissible. As he gets older, he will have to keep his sensory materials in one central spot, but for now throwing dry noodles all over the living room is really no big deal. Cleans up in 2 seconds. 

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