Sunday, November 9, 2014

Carnival Time

Our little crew spent yesterday afternoon at a local carnival. There was fun had by all and I am so thankful our Daddy got to go with us (typically he would miss things like this because of his old job).
 The old timer car show was the highlight for Terrance. He drooled over all of them!
 The Chummy-Chum and his favorite person on earth.
 Terrance is by far the bravest ride rider in the family. He rode all the crazy rides!

 While Adam was riding the carousel, these two were happily standing on the sidelines encouraging him every time around. I love Terrance waving in this picture. He's the best big brother EVER!

 James got brave this year and actually rode a ride besides the ferris wheel. He and I rode the Dragon Spinner.
 Terrance ended our time on this crazy thing. I took about a million pictures of him on it because I could not believe what a wild ride it was. Wow!
 Here it is when it starts making it all the way around. At one point he hung in mid-air upside down.
 Here's Adam watching Terrance with a bit of concern.

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