Saturday, November 8, 2014

Making Things Homey

I am surrounded by friends who are much much more creative and festive than me and I'm trying hard to learn their ways. One thing my friends are good at is being wonderful homemakers. I've been practicing for the past month on a few things that are really making a big difference. Here's what I do:
 Every morning I take about 5-10 minutes to walk through each room and "fluff" it up. I open blinds, spray air freshener, and turn lamps on.
 In the living room, I light a candle or two, open the big wooden door and arrange the pillows nicely on the couches. To do the whole house usually takes me less than 5 minutes, but it has made a big difference. Our home feels so homey!
 With curtains tied back and light coming in, our attitudes lift from their sleepy fog and get excited for the new day. (Here's a picture of my hidden febreeze)
Try it tomorrow morning and see if it works for your family. I think you'll be amazed how a little light and good smell will brighten your outlook. 

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