Thursday, November 6, 2014

Rotating Toys

One of the things I really like to do around here is rotate our toys. As homeschoolers we have a ton of toys. In order to keep all my toys organized and used I have to rotate them. I've learned that having too many toys out creates too many options and therefore nothing gets played with. Also I've learned that if I leave certain toys out for too long then the kids get bored with them.  
I've heard many parents say that their kids have tons of toys, but they never play with them. I have two suggestions for you if this is happening in your home. First, make sure you rotate them. Put half the toys up in the attic and rotate a few of them out every month or even week if you need to. Second, make sure your child knows how to play with the toy.
When we bought James his awesome Batcave, he didn't do any kind of pretend play at the time. Jeremy sat with him the first couple of weeks and showed him how to play with it, the language to use while playing with it, and how to best use all the pieces that go with it. If we would have just given him this awesome toy and told him to "go play" he would have never enjoyed it because he didn't understand how to do it.
This tent was brought out of the closet today for Adam. He hasn't seen this tent in over a month and it was like Christmas morning in this house. He and James played with it for over an hour and have been returning to it throughout the day. This tent will stay out for a few days and then I will put it up again for a few weeks. The next time I pull it out I will have the same reaction. That's the beauty of rotating toys. If I left this tent out for 2 weeks it would collect dust. This is a wonderful toy to have on hand for winter days so I certainly don't want the boys getting tired of it.

 If you are struggling with your children enjoying their toys, I highly recommend you take away a majority of them and stick them in a closet or attic for a while. They will return fresh and fun!

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