Saturday, November 22, 2014

Weekly Tubs

Adam's first week of tubs went so well. He loved having activities he could do that were new and challenging. I found out two things this week: Adam has a sensory issue with pom poms and the tissue paper into the water bottle was WAY too hard. I'm not sure what Adam doesn't like about the pom poms, but he gets this hilarious disgusted look on his face when he touches them and then after he lets them go he shakes his hands as if to try and shake off the feeling. It's really funny. I've made sure to include more pom poms this week so that he can begin to get use to them.
His first new tub for this week is another muffin tin tub. I have 6 balls that fit perfectly inside and I've matched the colors to see if he will even attempt to begin matching. We'll see how he does.
 I'll be using the smaller muffin tin again this week, but with a new sensory tub. I chose pinto beans this week because he's never played with them before and he loves, loves, loves his noodles. He'll scoop the beans into the tin. He's just now started trying to use a fork or spoon at meals so I know he'll love this tub.
 I decided to put this particular tub in the kitchen so that he has a fun thing to do while I cook. I taped the some contact paper onto the fridge (sticky side up) and have a basket of odds-n-ends nearby for him to stick to the paper. He immediately found this tub and wanted to do it. The first time he tried he couldn't get anything to stick. He was basically throwing the things at the paper and not pressing them on to the paper. He has finally figured it out and now loves to put  things up there while I cook. Below is a video of him the 2 time he tried this tub and you can see he's got it figured out. I also put his name in magnetic letters up above the paper just as a conversation piece. It never hurts to start teaching them to recognize their name.
 Here's the basket up close: magnetic letters, tissue paper squares, and pom poms.
Hope you can use some of these ideas at your house. We are really enjoying this new phase of learning. 

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