Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Tubs

We are in TUB HEAVEN over here at our house. Adam loves them all and has enjoyed having learning activities of his own so much. I've put together a few Christmas tubs for him this week and he's already explored the tinsel sensory tub and the garland game. He gives them both two thumbs up! (Most everything was purchased at Dollar Tree so these are not budget busters. Plus, I will bag it all up and use it again next year)
This is his sensory tub for this week. The base is tinsel and then I added several Christmas items: large bells, bows, cookie cutters, and plastic candy canes. The tinsel sticks to his slimy baby fingers and makes him really work to dig through it. It's loads of fun!

 The garland is not only a fun texture, but I will use it for many things. I can wrap him in it, he can wear it as a necklace and we can tie it up to play games with: baby limbo (crawl under it), drag the toy around the house, and his new favorite which is hanging the plastic candy canes on it. I strung it between two chairs and gave him the candy canes and he figured out the rest :)
 There are 6 of each of these items for him to place and hopefully try to sort into muffin tins. He hasn't really sorted anything on his own yet, but we still practice.
 These are thick cardboard cards and we dump them out and just talk about them. Great little vocabulary game.  
He's obsessed with doing stickers and coloring. He makes at least 2 of these papers every day. I bought him lots of letter stickers and every time I hand him a sticker I just tell him the letter and a familiar word that starts with that letter and he sticks it on his paper. Perfect for fine motor skills and letter help for down the road.
Since he loves stickers so much, I got him a foam bell and some Christmas stickers and he will make an ornament for our tree this week.
 He is still a little turned off with pom poms so I've hidden his favorite jingle bell necklace in the bottom of this pom pom sensory tub and he gets a big reward for plowing through them.

This season is so fun!

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