Tuesday, January 13, 2015

First attempt at shaving cream

The little guy got to play with shaving cream today. He wasn't thrilled, but he wasn't disgusted either. I love shaving cream! It's such a fun thing to have on hand.

 Big brother was very very excited to play in it and he helped Adam not be so timid about it. After all arms and hands were heavily painted we washed up and smelled so fresh.


Anonymous said...

Shaving cream ? Wow....the more I watch this blog....the dumber you as a parent seem to be. Do you know the harmful ingredients in shaving cream ? In Dish soap ? Don't you do your homework to know the harmful effects on products? did you know that there are harmful agents in plastics as well?
Here's a link that you should read about shaving cream.....this isn't something you should be letting a child under the age of 10 use....period. While I applaud the fact that you are trying to teach your child things,you are going about it the wrong way. BTW...I home schooled my 5 kids so I know what I talking about here. Each of my children skipped a grade or two when they were put into high school.
This is not being done to harass you in any way....I am only trying to educate you here before something happens to your children.

Anonymous said...

Opps...I forgot to put the link in for the hazards of shaving cream,see below